Trowbridge Town Hall to close for internal refurbishment

3 Oct 2022

Trowbridge Town Hall is to close from July next year until at least 2025 according to new plans approved in a Wiltshire Council Cabinet meeting last week.

It will close for an £8.5m extensive interior refurbishment and redesign that will last around 18 months and will also see the the Grade II listed building become a major music venue.

The refurbishment is part of the Future High Streets Fund £16 million investment in Trowbridge.

However, concerns have been raised about what will happen to the people who use the Town Hall.

Alan Wright Director of Trowbridge Town Hall said: "There are several people who mostly pursue artistic practice here and our hirers who hire out space for yoga classes, toddler classes and a rock music programme.

"We're trying to find alternative accommodation at a similar price, but we can't guarantee that the new venues will be at the same rate we have been offering."

Mr Wright said seven new music recording studios will replace the prison cells currently in the basement under the refurbishment plans.

The scaffolding for exterior renovations on the Town Hall recently came down.

Trowbridge Town Hall to close until 2025 | Wiltshire Times