Chris was elected alongside his Lib Dem ward colleagues Stewart Palmen and Clive Blackmore to represent Central ward on Trowbridge Town Council in the 2021 local elections.
Trowbridge (Central) | Town and parish election on Thursday 6 May 2021 | Results | Elections | Wiltshire Council

Chris says, "I have lived in Trowbridge most of my life and am a resident of Central Ward. In the day I work as a software developer with experience in the finance, retail and entertainment sectors, and in the evening I am a musician playing on the local music scene.

Since being fortunate enough to become a councillor in August 2019 I have felt immensely privileged to be able to work on behalf of the people in my ward.

In this time I have been able to build on top of the work so many other people had already put in and managed to get Wiltshire Council to finally look at resolving road safety issues on Newtown. I have also been able to implement change at the Town Council who now put the climate emergency and by extension the environment and ecology at the centre of all their policy making, as well as looking to mitigate their footprint and achieve carbon neutral status at the earliest opportunity.

I am also focused on the rejuvenation of our town centre and the need to help businesses help create jobs as well as boosting the entertainment sector for everyone, bringing life back into our town centre."

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Chris Hoar
Cllr Chris Hoar