Cllr Nick Blakemore represents Trowbridge (Adcroft) ward

Nick was elected to Trowbridge Town Council in the 2021 local elections.
Trowbridge (Adcroft) | Town and parish election on Thursday 6 May 2021 | Results | Elections | Wiltshire Council

Nick says "I have served the people of Adcroft, the ward I live in, for 22 years and thoroughly enjoy being a Trowbridge Town Councillor. Over the years I've got to know many residents and, as demonstrated in my recent survey so many of you took the time to complete, share the same aspirations and hopes for both our ward as well as our town.

During my time as a member of our Town Council I have been active on many committees and was privileged to represent the town twice as Mayor. I am proud of what our Town Council has achieved over the years and look forward to making our town an even better place to live, with the Town Council taking over the street cleaning and the maintenance of our parks around our town from Wiltshire Council. As vice-Chairman of the Museum committee I've had the benefit of viewing our newly extended Museum and am convinced it will be a real asset to our town when seeing both its content as well as it's presentation.

Outside of politics I am involved in a number of groups within our town. I am Chairman of the Blair Charity, the local organisation that helps those in need throughout the year but especially at Christmas. I am also a member of the Trowbridge Almshouse Trust, vice-President of Trowbridge Philharmonic as well as being a long-standing member of both Trowbridge Civic Society and the Trowbridge German Twinning.

Just a bit more about me; I work for the Civil Service and am currently employed with the British Army at Warminster, working with HQ Land Warfare.

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