David was elected alongside Lib Dem colleague Mel Jacob to represent Paxcroft ward on Trowbridge Town Council
Trowbridge (Paxcroft) | Town and parish election on Thursday 6 May 2021 | Results | Elections | Wiltshire Council

David, is a member of Wiltshire Climate Alliance, has long been committed to a bypass for Wesbury, has been active in the campaign surrounding the planning appliction for the proposed incinerator and has an exceptional record in supporting residents while a councillor for Trowbridge where he served as Mayor in 2019/20. He is not satified with things as they are: he wants to make them better and has a reputation for getting things done!

To contact David:

Email: David.Cavill@trowbridge.gov.uk

Facebook: David Cavill for Trowbridge Paxcroft | Facebook

Website: David Cavill's Weblog


Cllr David Cavill
Cllr David Cavill